Chef Dalton Campbell has a burning passion for food. He began his career in the culinary field at a local southwest/Mexican restaurant the age of thirteen, in the quiet town of Kamas Ut. Though he began cooking as soon as he was tall enough to stand on a step stool and reach the stove. Growing up Dalton always had a strong desire to cook and among his friends he was known as “the kid that can cook”. He comes from a back ground of a very culinary talented family; and though he has not had any formal training he has developed a unique, gourmet cooking style of his own.

            Dalton soon moved up the culinary ladder at a local breakfast/lunch deli and began line cooking breakfast and overseeing the creation of new menu items, managing a continuous changing specialty food menu, and became the head pastry of the restaurant. In 2009 Dalton began working as a prep cook at a local catering company Done To your Taste Catering under executive chef Brian Southworth. Brian has an extensive culinary resume running fine dining restaurants in California and presented Dalton with a great opportunity to develop and fine-tune his culinary physique.

            Chef Dalton then was given the opportunity to become Executive Chef of Lynn Anderson Catering, a new and upcoming company out of Park City Ut, working with 2 graduates of Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute. Dalton took the job and began to make a name for himself as an amazing new young chef in the catering industry. The new catering company was the premier food and beverage provider of All Seasons Resorts Lodging which manages several hotels in Park City including the Sliver King, Caledonian, Park City Lodge, Shadow Ridge Resort, along with many others. With a life changing event the owner of his new catering company had to move in other directions, so Dalton began seeking work back at Done To your Taste Catering and became their Sous Chef.

            Starting in January 2014 through January 2016, with a new scope of experience under his belt Dalton then took over the Executive Chef position at Done To your Taste Catering. While managing the back of house food and beverage operations Dalton began to hone in on his unique culinary back ground and more so critique and fine tune his culinary skills and expertise, while executing a large variety of themed events feeding anywhere from 2 to 2000 people a day.

            Over the years Dalton has developed a unique, simple, fresh culinary style, incorporating the techniques of authentic Mexican, South American, Cuban, Mediterranean, Italian, French, American and Asian cuisines. With the addition of marvelous artistic presentations Dalton has created a diverse New Americana Flare cuisine of his own, which now he would love to share with you as he launches his new business Park City Elite Private Chefs. Cooking and creating purely from passion and soul.